Questions seeking answers

  • What is the difference between impulse and intuition?
  • What is self-love if there is no self? What is self? What is me? What are some kind metaphors/analogies that can help in framing "me" in this reality?
    (Current thought: self is a powerful PCA/reduction/pattern recognition technique that helps us minimize surprise/uncertainty in the world or else humans would be too overwhelmed. Very curious and puzzled here so pls lmk if you are on similar train of though!)
    Current reads: headless way, entropic brain, book of life by J.K, Buddhism
  • What are some downsides of self-awareness?
  • How would the world be like if people actively listened and were not so self-absorbed?
    (Active listening = disbelief suspension)
  • How does the language we use shapes our reality?
    (Language in my definition extends to anything that allows me to put that abstract thing from my inner mind to some form externally. Language examples: English, Ukrainian, dance, eye contact, touch, music.)
  • Will spirituality ever break free from being an epistemic overhang (= a thing that cannot me explained by science/current observational methods)?
  • What is the method to correct an error in a retrospective manner? For example, if I evaluate smth x/10 now, this will not be accurate as this relative score fails to account for future assessments. Because it is a relative comparison, I need to adjust retrospective evaluations once future scores come up.
  • What questions can I ask people that would provide the most value to me in getting to know them?
    (What's your unpopular opinion, what's your favorite failure?)
  • Money: can they come as a spin-off, something I don’t have to optimize for? 
    (I want to maximize for the enjoyment of my work, not my bank account balance.)
  • Have Buddhas also had altered states of consciousness and if so, how different are they from those caused by psychedelics?
  • Any difference between people born with confidence and those who built it?
  • Are there new games like chess being created in the modern age? Is humanity becoming stupider on average? 
    (Likely there will be an ever increasing "intelligence gap" imho).
  • Daydreaming about your crash brings a lot of enjoyment but is this enjoyment worth suffering in the event of an unsuccessful ending?
  • What makes me so curious?
  • What is the difference between unique and weird?
  • Superiority/inferiority: is everyone playing this game?
  • How to prioritize among the books you want to read?
  • How much ego is okay/sustainable to have as means to guiding your life?
  • Difference between narcissism and self-love?
  • How might we encourage people to build upon each other projects instead of creating their own replicas of existing ones?
  • What are some things that society/capitalism made us believe that we need or invented for a sake of $$? Examples are imho: pilates, washing fruits fresh from the trees in your garden, husband (Ukraine-specific), vitamins from the store, makeup / cosmetics, uncomfortable bras

Fueling curiosity

I love using (social reading/bookmark tool) to source good readings, and discuss/geek out about tech, life, society, products, spirituality, and cultures with my friends. Learn about here. See what I am reading here.

Books I am reading

I read quite a bit and keep an active notion db and goodreads. Always love to discuss books with like-minded folks. Love and appreciate book recommendations and can send you some too!

Things I want to do, learn, or experience

I love staying active and trying out new experiences. It is always more fun to do with someone else. Let me know if you are interested in doing any of these together or if you have good recommendations on how to try it out:)

🏃Moving skills
- self-defense
- handstands (WIP at circus center)
- clowning
- calisthenics (WIP)
- martial arts (jiu jitsu?)
- swimming better
- dancing (bachata, swing dancing)
- mud runs?
- marathon

🛵 Life skills
- how to trust my intuition more (WIP)
- improv classes (P0!)
- how to have and start good convos with strangers (WIP -- great progress here)
- how to catch and hold eye contact (WIP)

🐊 Experiences
- bike along some coastline
- Burning Man
- see bioluminescence
- meditation/self-transcendence retreats
- intermittent fasting

🎶 Arts
- ukulele (WIP!! The best skill to learn)

📚 Knowledge
- castellations
- science of psychedelics (WIP)
- Spanish (I am on A2 level) (WIP)
- game theory advanced
- microecon advanced
- information theory
- predicting tides and understanding their relationship with gravity. (Mainly so that I camp on the beach)
- anthropology
- Zettelkasten method

🕸 Fundamentals
- investments, credit card options, savings, all the financial adulthood stuff (WIP but ahh its difficult)
- nutrition & skincare (WIP!)
- driving (how can I learn driving and not spend fortune on the classes?).