Questions seeking answers

  • How might we design digital products that empower people to embrace agency?
  • Who am I? What are some helpful metaphors to frame "me" in this reality?
  • What are some downsides of self-awareness?
  • How would the world be like if people actively listened and were not so self-absorbed?
    (Active listening = disbelief suspension)
  • How does the language we use shapes our reality?
    (Language in my definition extends to anything that allows me to put that abstract thing from my inner mind to some form externally. Language examples: English, Ukrainian, dance, eye contact, touch, music.)
  • Will spirituality ever break free from being an epistemic overhang (= a thing that cannot me explained by science/current observational methods)?
  • What makes me so curious?
  • Superiority/inferiority: how can I find people who don't play this game?
  • How to prioritize among the books I want to read?
  • How much should you let ego guide your life?
  • Difference between narcissism and self-love?
  • How might we encourage people to build upon each other projects instead of creating their own replicas of existing ones?