Hey, I am Svitlana

Playing an infinite game by humbly exploring myself and the world through meditation, movement, nomading, nature, hacking, self-introspection, writing, reading, psychedelics, meaningful and deep relationships with self and others. (Feel my vibe by reading "Notes to self":)

Career game: What is my guiding principle? How does AI empower creation? (Exploring while working at Google Labs - GenMedia.)

Before: completed my CS undergrad while nomading around the world with closest friends (Minerva University). UChicago. Friday.app. Lyfe.ltd (personal project).

Current explorations: handstands and acrobatics, writing, creativity x AI, growing as an engineer, krishnamurti, thich nhat han, poetry, git poking capitalism, learning ukulele, genArt, clowning, ukrainian history.

Now in San Francisco around the trees:)